Our Audiences

Why are our audiences different?


Because first-party data is at the centre of everything we do, we know our audiences intimately.


Our customer segments are built on declared intent from our partners’ sites so we only target relevant, pre-qualified audiences.


We have a rolling 30 day recency cap, with data updated daily, so we only target audiences in real-time.


We are able to reach these granular audiences at scale across social & entire programmatic ecosystem.

  • Automotive

    Carsales reaches over 5,800,000 intenders a month actively researching cars, bikes, boats & car finance – 9 out of every 10 Australian car buyers visit Carsales as part of their journey
    • New Cars >750,000 Monthly Audience
    • Used Cars 3,774,187 Monthly Audience
    • Auto Market 778,790 Monthly Audience
    • Motorbikes 719,055 Monthly Audience
    • Boats 459,665 Monthly Audience
    • Heavy Industry 471,314 Monthly Audience
  • Travel

    Webjet reaches over 2,800,000 intenders a month researching and buying flights and associated travel services online
    • Domestic Flights 943,693 Monthly Audience
    • International Flights >1M Monthly Audience
    • Hotels 25,471 Monthly Audience
    • Credit Cards 113,231 Monthly Audience
    • Packages & Cruises 47,436 Monthly Audience
    • Premium Passengers 224,976 Monthly Audience
  • Sport

    AFL reaches over 6.4M Australian intenders a month.
    • Website 6.4M Monthly Audience
    • App 4.3M Monthly Audience
    • Die Hard Fans 3.1M Monthly Audience
    • Car Shoppers 1.3M Monthly Audience
    • Read News 2.5M Monthly Audience
    • Homepage 1.2M Monthly Audience
  • Property

    Rent.com.au reaches over 635,000 intenders a month actively searching for rental properties and advertising their property for rent RealEstateView.com.au reaches over 1,200,00 homebuyers a month
    • Renters 633,314 Monthly Audience
    • Landlords 2,500 Monthly Audience
    • Home Buyers 1,200,000 Monthly Audience
  • Retail

    GetPrice reaches over 450,000 Australian intenders a month comparing prices online on retail products including computers, electronics, home appliances, furniture, toys, health and beauty.
    • Electronics 105,940 Monthly Audience
    • Computers 63,751 Monthly Audience
    • Home & Garden 152,325 Monthly Audience
    • Computer Games 5,770 Monthly Audience
    • Sporting Goods 28,280 Monthly Audience
    • Health & Lifestyle 49,004 Monthly Audience
  • Technology

    Future reaches over 2,000,000 Australian intenders a month. They are a leading authority on all things tech, delivering the latest developments in phones, computing, tablets, wearables, gaming and much more.
    • TechRadar 979,060 Monthly Audience
    • GamesRadar 599,160 Monthly Audience
    • PCGamer 320,760 Monthly Audience

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