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Audience360 Dynamic Creative

Agency Design Specifications

The Dynamic Creative takes 3rd party product information (vehicles, boats, bikes etc from the carsales network) and displays this within a creative off-site. This document provides information to creative agencies on the specifications.

The sizes supported are

  • MREC: 300×250
  • Leaderboard: 728×90
  • Skyscraper: 160×600
  • Half page: 300×600

Your design can take on any shape and form you require – you have full creative license. However please note the following constraints;


The creative needs to have a solid 1 pixel border around the advert being a light grey in colour.


Any web fonts must be supplied by the Agency.

HTML 5 (no Flash)

We have 2 options available for our Agency Partners.

  1. Supply Design Only.
    We require agencies to provide us with the Photoshop design in which we will build as HTML 5.
    For this option we would require all photoshop files as well as any web fonts (you need to make sure you are licensed to provide Audience360 with the Web Fonts).
  2. Design and Build.
    If creative agencies have experience building HTML5 then please do so and provide all assets.
    For advert sizes please use the standard specifications from IAB.
    When building the adverts please note the constraints that we list below:


  • Make sure all vehicle images, price and title are treated as placeholders which will be dynamically populated from our database when it goes live.
  • Any dynamic values need to be inside the main HTML page and not located in external javascript files. e.g., Vehicle Title, Vehicle Image, Price etc all need to be located within the HTML file and not javascript files.
  • Please consider title length will be dynamic and will change from small to long. More information below.
  • The vehicle images are supplied by private sellers. As such they will not be deep etched.
  • All animation needs to cease after 30 seconds.
  • The advert needs to have a 1px border around the advert.
  • Total size cannot exceed 300×250 for MREC, 160×600 for skyscraper and 300×600 for the half page etc. (to test this you can create an iframe in a test.html page with no borders or scrolling (and have the same width and height of the ad) and then load the advert within this. You should see the grey 1px border around the advert.
  • The selection tool should change into a hand when hovering over the advert. the entire advert should be clickable
  • CSS and Javascript should be minified.
  • Any references to third party libraries need to be over SSL.
  • The use of a javascript clickTAG should be inserted within code so we can easily pass the Landing page url and any click macros from our DSP partners.


Title Length

The title and price of the vehicle is dynamic (depending on what the user has previously viewed) so your design must cater for both short and long values with the longer names truncated or hidden by overflow:hidden style. Example:

  • short name: 2014 Audi A4
    long name: 2009 Mercedes-Benz C200 Kompressor Avantgarde Sports Automatic
  • Short price: $12,999
    long price: $3,699,999

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